“Yes, that’s it! Said the Hatter with a sigh, it’s always tea time.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


And who wouldn’t want to live in a world where it’s always tea time? This fantasy can be your reality at the newly opened “& sweets! sweets! buffet! Alice,” a stone’s throw from Odori Park’s famous TV Tower.

Back in October, I passed by this second-floor restaurant and took note of the bright lights and cute decorations, but I didn’t have the opportunity to dine there until recently.
The Le Trois department store building is clean and fresh, and entering the restaurant was a little like falling down the rabbit hole.
It’s a wonderland unto itself where visitors are captivated by adorable decorations, and more Japanese & western-style culinary options than the Alice of Lewis Carroll’s story could have imagined.


It goes without saying that the Alice in Wonderland aesthetic is fun and appealing, especially to a female clientele. The expected motifs – cards, clocks, rabbits, mad queens, and historical British fashion – all appear in creative places throughout the restaurant.

The English major part of me hopes that this decor inspires diners to read Lewis Carroll’s classic book, if they haven’t already!
All this ornamentation would be less exciting if the food wasn’t up to par, but I think that there is good variety and quality for all-you-can-eat fare.
The restaurant definitely earns the title of “sweets buffet” with tons of desserts on offer, including made-to-order waffles, crepes and pancakes; chocolate and strawberry chocolate fondue; both scoop and soft serve forms of ice cream; and over 30 types of cake and pudding.
On the savory side, there’s fresh salad, curry, omelette rice, pizza, pasta and more. Soft drinks, coffee, and a generous selection of teas can quench your thirst as well.

For 90 minutes in this gourmet dreamland, adults pay around ¥1700 for lunch and ¥2000 for dinner; children can visit for about a third of those prices.

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This is arguably a fair price for the experience, especially if you have a seat near the window with a prime view of the park and TV Tower, as I did. So the next time you’re near Odori, go forth and indulge your inner tea party fanatic!
& sweets! sweets! buffet! Alice
Address: Sapporo Chuo-ku Odori Nishi 1 Chome 11, Le Trois 2F
Open: 10:00~21:00 every day
Tel: 011-223-7729


― ルイス・キャロル 不思議の国のアリス


ティータイムの世界に暮らしたいと思わない人はいないでしょう?このファンタジーはテレビ塔近くの大通りに新しくオープンした「& sweets! sweets! buffet! Alice」で実現します。
ルトロワは、きれいで新しく、「& sweets! sweets! buffet! Alice」の入り口はちょっとウサギの穴に落ちたかのような雰囲気。ここは訪れる人をかわいらしい装飾で魅了していて、さらに日本と欧米式の料理がルイスキャロルの不思議のアリスの世界を思い出させます。






& sweets! sweets! buffet! Alice
〒060-0042 北海道札幌市中央区中央区中央区中央区大通西1丁目 ル・トロワ2F
Open: 10:00~21:00
Tel: 011-223-7729