One Sunday, on my way back to Nishi 18 chome station from the Hokkaido Modern Art Museum, it was raining outside, so I decided to hop into the first cafe I saw for some shelter and a warm drink.


As luck would have it, I stopped at Pippin, a cafe on the first floor of the D&Department Project furniture & lifestyle goods store. Complementing the D&D aesthetic, Pippin’s modern decor is minimalist yet cozy, airy yet warm. My ginger chai was rich in flavor, served in a handmade bowl with a gorgeous little meringue on the side. Between sips, I perused Kinfolk and Bird, lifetstyle and travel magazines with gorgeous photos on high-quality paper. I selected those stylish issues from Pippin’s shelves of both English and Japanese language books. They offer everything from novels to a compendium of Japanese-style sweets, and are sure to match any literary taste.



More recently, I visited Pippin again for lunch with my friend. She chose an open-face sandwich and nagaimo soup, and I had the “shikkari gohan” (“proper meal”) set lunch. Granted, it was hard for us to decide what to order, when there were also other soups, salads and bruschetta; monthly curry specials; alcohol/snack combinations; and especially tempting desserts! However, our portions were generous, satisfying, and made with the finest, freshest ingredients. The ume furikake for my rice was especially memorable, since it had a sophisticated combination of sour and savory notes; my friend’s sandwich was also delicious, piled high with ham and cheese.


pippin_4So if you find yourself in the neighborhood of the Hokkaido Modern Art and Migishi Kotaro Museums – which happen to be two of my favorites in the city – why not continue to immerse yourself in style and good taste (both visual and culinary) at Pippin? If you don’t have time to sit and eat, there’s also a deli with fresh salads and pastries to go. But I look forward to taking my time when I visit again: savoring each bite, sip, and magazine page.


Address: Sapporo Chuo-ku Odori-nishi 17 chome 1-7
Open: Tuesday-Saturday, 12:00-22:00; Sundays and holidays, 12:00-21:00
Tel: 011-643-6638

シンプルで洗練されているカフェ ~ ピピン



運よく、私が入ったお店はピピンでした。D&Departmentという家具や生活雑貨のお店の1階にあります。 D&Departmentのオシャレな雰囲気を補足するかのごとく、ピピンのモダンなスタイルは飾りすぎず、こじんまりと心地よい雰囲気が温かいのです。

私はジンジャーチャイを注文しましたが、素晴しい美味しさで、美しく小さなメレンゲと一緒にハンドメイドのボウルで提供されました。そして本棚にあった KinfolkとBird(2冊は上質な紙に美しい写真で構成されたライフスタイルと旅行の雑誌)を読みました。私はこれらのおしゃれな雑誌をピピンにある日本語や英語の書籍が並ぶ本棚から選びました。小説から和菓子の本まであり、どんな趣味の人にもお気に入りの本が見つかるでしょう。









火~土12:00-22:00(LO 21:00)
日・祝12:00-21:00(LO 20:00)