I went to Odori Park to enjoy the Yosakoi Soran Festival with my family last night. We go there every year and get goose bumps every time!  It is amazing to see the dance teams comprised of students, workers, homemakers (among others), dancing so passionately and spreading joy with their big smiles.  The dancing gives me energy and sometimes tears, because I’m so impressed.  I can’t imagine the time and the effort each dancer has invested for the wonderful performances.


Another attraction of heading down to Odori Park for Yosakoi is the food! There are all kinds of delicious foods from all over Hokkaido.  There might be the same shops and restaurants compared to other festivals, but this is another chance to try other foods you missed at the last event.  There are menu items normally only available in certain cities/ towns, amongst the typical festival foods.  We enjoyed our dinner with a draft beer at a table, while the kids played on the lawn beside us.  It’s great to eat outside and enjoy the beginning of summer!


Yosakoi Soran Festival is over for this year, but I recommend everyone to go out and see the people dance again next year.  It is an unique kind of entertainment and a fun experience for everyone!  Sure, staying home and watching the events on TV may provide a better view, but the dynamic atmosphere of seeing it in person makes dealing with all the crowds worthwhile.




よさこいソーラン祭りを見に大通公園へ出向くもう一つの魅力は食べ物です。北海道中からおいしい食べ物が集まります。他のイベントでも見かけるレストランやお店があるかもしれませんが、前回食べられなかったものにトライするチャンスです。おなじみのお祭りメニューに混じって、普段は札幌では味わえないご当地メニューもあります。私達がテーブルで生ビールを堪能している横では、子どもたちが芝生で遊んでいました。この時期、屋外での食事は最高! 夏の始まりを楽しみましょう。